Download Software New Keyword Elite

Download Software Keyword Elite V2.0
Here's just a hint at what's in store for you:
  • Uncover every profit angle in any niche - Keyword Elite 2.0 will find TONS of keywords from each of the major search engines...
  • Save hundreds of hours of time - add words and modifiers to every keyword at the click of a button... add words like "buy" and "best" to really get the most bang for your buck...
  • Crack open every single niche - Keyword Elite 2.0 generates keywords from meta tags of relevant websites too... you won't be stuck with the same niche ideas as everyone else
  • Instantly know where the profitable niches are - Keyword Elite 2.0 will give you a green light if it's something you should run with, and a red light if it's not. It's that simple
  • Immediate SEO insights - want to know how to outrank a certain site? No probs, Keyword Elite 2.0 show you how exactly what your site needs to progress
  • Uncover profitable niches on demand - and even further than that, drill down into the micro-niches within that niche, and found out where the insane profits are
  • Quickly find out if you're targeting buyers - Keyword Elite 2.0 uses cutting edge Microsoft OCI data to let you make smart decisions with your niches and keywords
  • Easily find potential advertising partners - KE2 makes this very easy, and it can provide you with an immediate stream of ultra targeted traffic for next to nothing
  • Get immediate targeted traffic - Even if it's your first day online and your budget is tiny... Keyword Elite 2.0 gives you access to a traffic technique that's simply devastating...
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Feature Update
Check out these improvements:
  • Entirely new web 2.0 look and feel to allow faster navigation, increase user friendliness, and create a much more enjoyable experience.
  • 100% New Adwords Time Machine program which allows you to view the entire 6 month Adwords ad history of any Adwords advertiser!
  • 100% New Advanced Google Site Targeter program which allows you to quickly find websites displaying Adsense, that you can advertise your own website on.
  • 100% New JV Diamond Miner program which allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are building email lists, allowing you to mooch traffic from their already profitable businesses.
  • 100% New CPA Magnet program which allows you to find high converting CPA offers, as well as monetize those offers through stealth keyword generation.
  • Enhanced speed. We increased Keyword Elite's speed of generating keywords and displaying analysis data by over 10x!
  • Added a multi-tab interface to allow you to run as many project types as you wish, at the same time... while not losing data from the previously run project!
  • Added Keyword Elite's own keyword data source, which allows you to build your keyword lists in seconds, not minutes.
  • Completely changed the keyword editing screen to allow for much easier keyword manipulation.
  • Added much more filtering capabilities so you can create an ultra specific keyword list based around your niche.
  • Added several new columns including the ability to see how many clicks you can expect to receive for each keword in both the paid and free search engine listings.
  • Added trends graphs to the reports
  • Greatly increased the depth of analysis for onpage ranking factors for sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Allowing you to see, at a glance, why sites rank where they do and how to beat them.
  • Added the Microsoft OCI percentage so you can see what percentage of visitors searching on a specific keyword are potential buyers vs. just browsers.
  • Added a competition strength indicator to quickly tell you if a keyword is worth optimizing for... based on the level of the competition.
  • Plus, literally hundreds of other feature enhancements gathered over the past year and a half! Way too many to list here... 
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Title : Download Software New Keyword Elite
Description : Here's just a hint at what's in store for you: Uncover every profit angle in any niche - Keyword Elite 2.0 will find TONS of keywor...

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